Design Process

When it comes to design, finding a process is the key to organization and efficiency. No matter what type of project, I believe in starting all my design projects with the key step: communication.

It's hard to begin a design without knowing the full facts. I make it my job to learn as much as I can about the project and what the client's goals are for the final piece. If I'm unsure, I ask questions. If I'm having artist's-block, I ask for feedback. And if the client is unsure, then I'll be prepared to offer my own opinions.

With a combination of research and creative references, I usually like to begin sketching out ideas. Following that, if necessary, I wireframe a potential design to show clients for feedback. Once a sketch or wireframe is solidified, I normally begin designing a few rounds of rough mocks for options and comparisons.

From there, narrowing the decision to one design and focusing on specific aspects allows for a smooth finish. Depending on what type of design, print, web, or possibly mobile, I always do my best to follow through with the design to the end, including any production or pre-press work.